Differences in development may be related to personality, temperament, and/or experiences. Some children may also have health needs that affect their development. If you are concerned about your child’s development, and your child is younger than age 3, contact your pediatrician and Tri-Counties Regional Center. Tri-Counties Regional Center may refer you to Early Start. If your child is age 3 or older, and his or her needs are educationally relevant, contact Student Services at your school district. They will gather information, discuss possible interventions, and when needed, screen or test your child. If your child qualifies for special education then he or she will receive specialized services to meet specific needs. Special education and early intervention services are confidential and provided at no cost to the family. Contact information is listed below.
Special Needs Resources, Ages 0-5

First 5 Health Access Project is committed to increasing health access for children (with a focus on birth to five) and their families.
SLO HealthAccess.org
For information on accessing care and finding health providers, including mental health and dental care, click on the “Providers” tab and choose the type of care you are seeking. For information about Medi-Cal and other insurance options, click on the “Insurance” tab.

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