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Are you tired of yelling at and nagging your children? Do you want to find a more positive way to parent? Do you want an approach that teaches important life skills and develops healthy self confidence in your children? Then call or email the Parent Coach today. If you are a parent who is looking for insight into challenging child and teen behavior(s), contacting the parent coach will help you to generate solutions to every day parenting problems. If you want to: learn to set limits, handle disagreements, get your children to do chores and accept responsibilities, then don’t put off contacting the parent coach today!

North County   805-904-1411

South County & SLO   805-709-2023

Spanish Speaking   805-712-5038

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaches are professionals with years of experience who listen with compassion.  Our Coaches help parents sort through conflicting advice and minimize information overload.  Coaches help parents find effective strategies and find the clarity that fits unique parenting journeys.

Many of us grew up with parenting approaches that don’t fit with the parenting challenges of today. With our own children, we want to find a better way to parent. We know that parenting situations are often emotionally charged; coaching can help a parent find calm in the chaos and stay focused on what is most important the parent-child relationship.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coachings helps Parents:

  • Create age-appropriate, brain-based strategies which address the child’s unique challenges
  • Build parental strengths and draw on the parent’s inner wisdom.
  • Encourage self-care practices that can be woven into daily life.
  • Expand a parent’s self-awareness, confidence, and competence, with realist progress that leads to sustainable positive change.
  • Provide support so that more satisfaction, peace, and enjoyment is experienced.
Bill Spencer

Bill Spencer

Bill has worked as a teacher, counselor and principal in the public schools for over 30 years. He is a Certified Positive Discipline Associate Trainer providing workshops for both teachers and parents. He works with schools throughout the state helping them develop safe school plans to create a more positive school climate. As a parent coach, Bill offers support and encouragement while helping individuals meet the demanding job of being a parent in today’s world. Bill’s hope is to assist parents through their journey of parenthood and help parents create a plan to meet the needs of both parent and child. Bill is married to a first grade teacher and they have two grown daughters.

Bill provides free and confidential parent coaching on the telephone and in person at The LINK Family Resource Center in Atascadero. He can be reached by calling the Parent Connection HelpLine at (805) 904-1411 or by emailing

Bill’s Coaching Flyer

Ron Huxley

Ron Huxley

Ron Huxley has been working to help families heal since 1990. Ron believes in taking a strength-based approach that builds on solutions. He believes that the “person is not the problem, the problem is the problem” and he creates strategies that fit each family situation in the shortest time necessary.  Ron has spoken to parents about the importance of having a trauma-informed home or organization in every conceivable setting, from a Women’s Prison to Parent/Teacher Conferences to Corporate Board Rooms. Ron has many published articles and television appearances.

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Ron has been trained in many different parent education curriculum including; Incredible Years Parenting Certification, Family Wellness Instructor Training, S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) Trainer, Love and Logic Parenting Training, Work/Family Directions Facilitator/Corporate Coach.  He is also certified in many specialized clinical expertise including; “Love After Marriage” Couples Coaching and many more.

To have a Parent Coaching session please call 805-543-3700.

Bessy Hoffman

Bessy Hoffman

Bessy has worked in the education industry for over twenty-seven years. Starting in Los Angeles and later moving to Atascadero, she has specialized in bilingual and special education in both school districts. Bessy has received the Golden Oak award, which is the PTA’s highest honor for excellence in working with and providing for the welfare of children in our local community. Bessy’s constant drive for the welfare and success of all the families that she works with also led to her being named Santa Rosa Academic Academy’s Employee of the Year in 2013. With her exceptional experience in community resources and social services, Bessy constantly strives to provide a secure future for all local and bilingual families. Contact Bessy today for Parent Coaching at 805-712-5038

Bessy ha trabajado en la industria de la educacion por mas de 27 años, su carrera comenzó en la Condado de los Angeles y posteriormente en el distrito escolar de Atascadero, ella se ha especializado en educación bilingüe y educación especial en los dos distritos escolares. Bessy ha recibido el Golden Oak Award que es el galardón de honor que la Asociación de Padres y Maestros P.T.A. (por sus siglas en Ingles) otorga a los niños en nuestra comunidad local. El constante impulso de Bessy por el bienestar y el éxito de todas las familias con quienes trabaja también la elevaron en el año 2013 a ser nombrada Empleada del Año en la Academia Academica Santa Rosa en Atascadero. Bessy está certificada en disciplina positiva y continúa su educación con el entrenador Bill Spencer de coneccion para capacitación a los Padres (Parent Connection). Bessy tiene una experiencia excepcional en proporcionar seguridad a las familias, padres y personas al cuidado de los niños dándoles la mejor educación para ayudarlos a tener un futuro exitoso por medio de una buena relación y acercamiento con sus hijos,  Bessy provee capacitación gratuita y confidencial para padres por teléfono y en persona en el Condado Norte (North County)

Por favor llamarla al teléfono de la coneccion de capacitación para padres de familia 805-712-5038

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