Come and join us! We’ll save a seat for you. We discuss  our adult and childhood relationships, our families, parenting,  trauma and neglect, limits and boundaries, love and affection, violence, alcohol and other substances, depression, anxiety, anger management, and power and control, as well as a variety of other topics. We explore these topics in our quest to make change sustainable. The goal is a calm body, clear mind, and a feeling of healthy connection to ourselves and others.
DATES: Wednesdays
TIME: 10-11:30am
LOCATION: Atascadero
TUITION: Call for information
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: An initial interview and assessment is required before joining the group.
CONTACT: Julie Stowasser, M.S., LMFT at 544-2273, to learn more  about the group
Women’s Group-Flyer

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