The SAP is a partnership between San Luis Obispo County, several local schools, and The LINK. It aims to identify troubled students so they can receive the helping services they need through a team approach. The SAP Coordinator and Family Advocate at a school site help students who are dealing with a variety of personal problems, including those related to a conflict with others, depression, anxiety, grief, recent life changes, alcohol, and drug use. SAP can help if you are concerned about your child’s reaction to the recent death of a loved one, divorce, family relocation, relationship problems, bullying or other traumatic events.

The SAP can provide individual and group counseling, student and family referrals to a variety of community resources, life skills training, interventions for at-risk behaviors, education through community and social service agencies, violence prevention strategies, and skills in decision-making and conflict resolution.

SAP services are available free of charge at the following school sites:
Flamson Middle School
Atascadero Junior High School
Santa Lucia Middle School
Los Osos Middle School
Judkins Middle School
Mesa Middle School

Please contact (805) 781-4289 for further information.

For more general information regarding SAP in California click Here.

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