The Supervised Visitation Network is a membership organization of professionals who provide supervised visitation and access services to families. Access their Provider Directory here.


Asgardian Child Monitor
Mahgum Asgarian
Professional Supervised Visitation Provider
PO Box 1955 | Templeton, CA 93465-1955
Mobile 805 635.5201
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Balanced Supervision Services
Angela Allen, Professional Supervisor

Connect Supervision
Professional Supervision Monitor
Areas: San Luis Obispo County


Donna Lewis – Supervised Visitation Moniter
I am a Professional Visitation Monitor bringing safety and neutrality to your visit. My main focus is the child’s well being and helping to keep the family unit intact. Please contact me if you have any questions. 805-528-5662 or

Ed Spera
I provide a safe and unbiased environment so as to facilitate a healthy and enjoyable experience. I have 18 years with SLO Crisis Intevention Hot Line. My experience is in Family Issues, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention.
Morro Bay, CA, Cell 805-704-1797, Fax 805-772-1012

Elite Family Visits
Lucinda L. Petit is recognized by Lawyers who work with children and the judges as a reputable visitation monitor.  Her understanding and education in the Judicial System gives her the ability to help families in a way that is unique to each families needs.  She is available county wide and works with families on rates that make it financially easier.  Contact her at 805.748.6681 or

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not, Inc. is a professional child visitation monitoring service that understands the importance of maintaining a relationship between a child and both parents, regardless of conflict or misunderstanding between the parents. For more information call Mrs. Loren at (805) 574-0249 or email or visit

Jessica Stewart
A safe and neutral environment for supervised visitation between children and their non-custodial parents.
Contact: or (805) 904-5243

Sandy McNamara
530-515-2265 or

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