Wellness Centers:
1306 Nipomo Street, San Luis Obispo, (805) 541-6813
Safe Haven, 203 Bridge Street, Arroyo Grande, (805) 489-9659
5850 West Mall, Atascadero, (805) 464-0512
The Wellness Centers offer person-centered, recovery based supports focusing on life enrichment, personal development, peer connection, mental health education, social skill development, and linkage to community resources. The centers provide a variety of workshops and support services gauged for multiple age groups and various cultures, helping to enhance each member’s sense of wellness, recovery, and self-advocacy. Our Wellness Centers focus on the individual person and their journey to wellness, not on their mental illness. We provide education, empowerment, and support so that each member can achieve the goals they set for themselves. Living well mentally, emotionally, and physically is what our Wellness Centers are all about.

Opportunities at the Wellness Center:

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