Resources and Support

The Link Family Resource Center


Connect today: 805-466-5404

Who do they help? Families with children and youth 0-18

What do they do? 

Basic needs and preventive services:
primarily families with school-age
children: bilingual Family Advocates

Intensive services: Children and
families in North County,
including San Miguel, Shandon,
Creston and Santa Margarita.

Additional services include:
Parenting classes, homeless
services, SAFE System of Care



Cambria Connection


Connect today: 805-927-1654

Who do they help?  Supports families and individuals facing the challenges of aging, economic misfortune, parenting, illness, grief, alcoholism, and addiction.

What do they do? As a Community Resource Center, the Cambria Connection helps individuals and families make healthy, informed, and wise choices. In addition to hosting 12-step meetings and sober activities, we collaborate with other non-profits and social service programs throughout San Luis Obispo County to provide locally an array of important community services.


Child Developmental Resource Center of the Central Coast


Connect today: 805-544-0801

Who do they help? Children with therapeutic needs

What do they do? Therapeutic preschool for children ages two to five, based on need and income. Medi-Cal and sliding scale mental
health therapy services for children and
their families.


Parents Helping Parents


Connect today: (805) 543-3277

Who do they help? Families of children with special needs

What do they do? Support parents and empower children with special needs to reach their fullest potential.  They provide parent education, mutual support, referral networks, and a greater community awareness. 


Community Counseling Center


Connect today: (805) 543-7969

Who do they help? Adults, Families, Couples, and Youth

What do they do? Medi-Cal and sliding-scale mental health services for adults, families, couples, and youth.


Seneca Family of Agencies


Connect today: (805) 434-2449

Who do they help? Foster, adoptive & relative caregivers

What do they do? Mental health, support groups, parent education, and adoptions.

San Luis Coastal: SLO Family Resource Center & Coastal Family Resource Center

Website: no website

Connect today: (805) 458-5499 or 805-235-6610

Who do they help? Families with children attending school

What do they do? 

Basic needs and preventive services:
Families with school-age children,
bilingual services
Intensive services: San Luis Coastal
Unified School District students
Additional services include:
Parenting classes, homeless
services, SAFE System of Care



CAPSLO: Community Action Partnerships of San Luis Obispo


Connect today: (805) 544-4355

Who do they help? Individuals and families in SLO County

What do they do? Programs to help individuals and families with employment, child care and preschool, parent education, housing, and medical services, etc

Help Me Grow: San Luis Obispo County


Connect today: (805) 544-4355 X282

Who do they help? Any child ages birth through 5 years old who is a SLO County Resident

What do they do? Help Me Grow is a county-wide system that supports children and their families by providing free developmental screenings and linkages to services that promote optimal growth.

Transitions Mental Health Association


Connect today: (805) 540-6500

Who do they help? Individuals with mental health issues and their families and caregivers

What do they do? A variety of services and support for individuals with mental health concerns or  issues.  Support groups for families and caregivers.


South County SAFE Family Resource Centers


Connect today: 

Arroyo Grande FRC: 805-474-2105

Nipomo FRC: 805-474-2105

Oceano FRC: 805-474-3690


Who do they help? Families with children and youth 0-18

What do they do? 

Basic needs and preventive services: Any resident
Intensive services: Children in the Lucia Mar Unified School District
Additional services include: Parenting classes, homeless services, SAFE System of Care



RISE: Respect, Inspire, Support, Empower


Connect today: 805-226-5400

Who do they help? Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

What do they do? Serves both victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault/abuse and their loved ones, through a 24 hour crisis hotline, temporary shelters, counseling, and referral services. 

Pregnancy & Parenting Support


Connect today: (805) 541-3367

Who do they help? Pregnant and parenting Mothers and Fathers until the child is age 2.

What do they do? Case management, infant development assessment, parenting education classes, and car seat education and installation. Also offers a variety of baby supplies for parents or caregivers/guardians.

Stand Strong


Connect today: (805) 781-6401

Who do they help? Survivors of Domestic Violence

What do they do? Support and resources for survivors of domestic violence through 24-Hour Crisis Line, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Counseling Services, legal services, latinx services, children’s services, education, prevention.


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