Ten Questions Adoptive Parents Ask:
Helpful insights and practical advice in response to questions that are commonly asked by foster and adoptive parents can be found HERE.

Of course, it is not enough that your texts are clear and well written. If they are riddled with faults, the whole positive effect is spoiled as a beautiful garment that is stained. So we must move in parallel on the spelling, but again we must not be discouraged: we can really progress, even if it is a weak point. I’m just giving some leads: first, each of us often makes the same mistakes recurrently. Re-read several of your writings to find them. Then you can tackle these points especially, for example by doing online exercises on specialized websitesб just Going Here to do these exercises. You get your score each time, which allows you to locate your progress. It’s more fun and less discouraging than dictated classics. You can even obtain on certain networks “certifications” which you can indicate on your CV because the good written expression becomes today a sought competence! When you have finished writing a text, also make a habit of re-reading yourself several times by bringing your attention to different points: once on the consistency and clarity of your text, and once only on the spelling. You will learn to correct yourself and you will gradually make fewer mistakes because your eye will practice chasing them.
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