Having a baby for the first time is a stressful and life-changing event. How do you know if the things your baby is doing are normal? Is what you are doing, what a “good mom” is supposed to do? A nurse can help you feel more confident and informed about how you choose to raise your child.
Your nurse can do many things at your visit, including:

  • weigh and measure your baby
  • answer common questions new parents have
  • help parents learn ways to help their babies be as smart as they can be
  • help parents deal with the stresses a new baby can bring to a family
  • connect you with other resources to help your family with meeting their needs

You must be less than 28 weeks pregnant and meet income guidelines to enroll in the First Time Mothers Program.

If interested, and for more information, please call 805-788-2068.

Visit this LINK to find a free personal nurse near you or click HERE for more general information regarding the nurse-family partnership.

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