Offering workshops, study groups & consultations for parents and educators to cultivate healthy, balanced children. 

Lea’s Approach:
Mindful Parenting: Discover how to cultivate more patience when dealing with your children during challenging moments of your day. Learn how to become a more effective and connected parent.
Social & Emotional Intelligence: Learn simple brain-based tools to help children learn to handle emotions so that they are more considerate, balanced and healthy and create flourishing relationships with others.
Brain-Based Teaching: Implement practical, brain-based strategies for enhancing social and emotional learning skills that have been proven to help reduce children’s stress, improve academic performance and strengthen concentration abilities.
Harmonic Relationships: Explore how to incorporate practical, brain-based strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind and create harmony in your family life.
Healthy, Balanced Child: Integrate the most recent scientific findings into your parenting approach to help you raise children who become compassionate, responsible, creative and healthy young adults.
Listening & Guidance: Gain one-on-one support as you discover your own way to incorporate these ideas and strategies into your unique family culture.
Contact: Lea Payne Scott, M.P.H, Social & Behavioral Health Educator, at 805-594-1618

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