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Kari Whitson-Wilson is a Marriage and Family Therapistunnamed (1) 

(805) 762-4838

Group sessions are 90 minutes in length and cost $25 per group with a maximum of 6-8 participants per group.


*Coping and Support Training (Roots) Group

This group is designed for developing healthy self-esteem, coping skills and a support network with the goals of improving school performance, decreasing involvement with drugs, and developing management of moods, such as anger and depression. (12 sessions; two groups are available, ages 14-17 and ages 16-19)

*Anxiety and Stress Management (Calming) Group

This group utilizes cognitive-behavioral treatment and mindfulness training to increase awareness of one’s bodily reactions to anxiety and negative thinking patterns, as well as on developing new reactions to anxiety through problem-solving and healthy coping skills. (12 sessions; two groups are available, ages 11-13 and ages 14-17)

*Breath and Mindfulness Group

This group is intended to improve one’s ability to observe their own thoughts and emotions without immediately reacting to them; cultivate wholesome emotions like gratitude and compassion; and expand the repertoire of stress management skills. (6 sessions; three groups are available, ages 11-13, ages 14-17 and ages 16-19)

Additional information about the groups is available at:



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