Family Law Facilitator, Self-Help Center: To receive help with custody issues, child support calculations, visitation modifications, and other related services, call (805) 788-3418.
Walk-In Services available Monday-Thursday, 8:30-11:30, at the courthouse in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles.

Parenting After Separation-Free Online Course
Parenting After Separation is a class which addresses the needs of children whose parents maintain separate households. The class also provides information about the mediation process and the “how to” of maintaining an ongoing co-parental relationship. The class is online and self paced. This program satisfies the Court’s requirements for parent education prior to receiving final orders. When you complete the class after registering online, you will be immediately emailed a certificate of completion. Simply file this certificate with the court in San Luis Obispo at 1035 Palm Street, Rm 385 or at the Paso Robles Branch at 901 Park Street. The class can be accessed through the following link:

Child Support Services Department
To establish, modify, or enforce orders regarding child support and health insurance.
Where: 1200 Monterey St, SLO
(805) 781-5734
Walk-in hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Phone hours: Mon-Fri 1pm-4pm

Free Spanish Language Parenting Class
Registro:  Llame a la oficina de antemano a los Servicios de la Corte de Relaciones Familiares para registrarse y obtener informacion, al numero 781-5423.  Debe tener disponible el numero del caso civil o del divorcio para darselo al secretario.  Clases en espanol son ofrecidas, y son citadas de acuerdo con los registrados.
Costo: gratis
* Este programa satisface los requisitos del programa de educacion antes de que se le otorga las ordenes judiciales para finalizar el caso.

Family Court Services
1120 Mill St. Suite A-1
San Luis Obispo

Family Court parenting classes are designed for families who have a court case number. For more information: call (805) 781-5423 for Family Court Services

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