A parenting program, through San Luis Public Health, designed to improve the health of families. Parents will have the opportunity to learn positive parenting skills, practice healthy behaviors, and set future goals for their family.

This service is intended for low-income, at-risk families who:

  • Are pregnant with their first child;
  • Have certain social and/or medical risk factors affecting parenting
  • Have children at risk of developmental delays; or
  • Have children at risk due to an unstable medical condition

San Luis Obispo County Public Health Nurses are available to support you and your growing family through home visitation. Specifically with parenting information on:

  • how to improve the health of newborns and children up to age 3
  • handling difficult parent/child relationships
  • teen pregnancy
  • babies born with low birth weight or babies who aren’t growing as they should
  • mother and baby exposure to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs,
  • babies with special needs.
  • can help connect you with family support resources in the community

To learn more about the program, please call 805-788-2068.

Visit HERE for more information & to learn more about the service.

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