Autism Connections is a local resource that provides quality Applied Behavior Analysis programs to children with special needs in San Luis Obispo County. Autism Connections was founded by and is operated by parents with children on the autism spectrum. This parent’s perspective influences our decisions and the daily operations of Autism Connections. The support and services we offer families is based on our own experience of having secured quality services for our children in order for them to achieve their best outcomes. Autism Connections also provides training to caregivers of special needs children in order to teach them tools and strategies for reducing interfering behaviors and increasing appropriate, functional behaviors for the children in their care. In order to support the whole family, our agency also provides counseling services for family members of children with special needs, as well as for the special needs child.
Autism Connections Flyer

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4251 S. Higuera Street, Suite 800, San Luis Obispo

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