Services Affirming Family Empowerment:
Our goals are to focus on family strengths and to coordinate community resources to keep children:
SAFE is a community based, school-linked, family-centered way of delivering and coordinating appropriate services to children and families in San Luis Obispo County. The SAFE services team includes the family and their natural supports in planning and implementing actions that build on family strengths and resources. Prevention and early intervention are always preferred. For those families with more immediate or severe problems, or families that need help with the coordination of services, the SAFE team links families to services and provides case management.
Another unique aspect of SAFE services is the employment of bilingual, bicultural Family Advocates to directly assist families by providing parenting education and support, translation services, connection with community resources, and case management.

Arroyo Grande Family Resource Center

Serves: Grover Heights, Ocean View, Branch, Harloe, Shell Beach, Judkins, Paulding
1086 Grand Ave., Arroyo Grande
Phone: (805) 474-2105

AGHS Student Support Center
Serves: Oceano, Fairgrove, Grover Beach
495 Valley Rd., Arroyo Grande
Phone: (805) 474-3200 x2195

Oceano Family Resource Center

Serves: Oceano, Fairgrove, Grover Beach
1511 19th St., Oceano
Phone: (805) 474-3690

Nipomo Family Resource Center
Serves: Nipomo Elementary, Dana, Dorthea Lange, Mesa, Nipomo High, Lopez
The Nipomo Family Resource Center has parenting books, parenting resources and individual sessions for parents.
Mary Squellati
Site Coordinator-Nipomo Family Resource Center/SAFE
920 W. Tefft St., Nipomo
(805) 474-2105

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