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Growing with Baby is a free weekly support group for new moms and dads. It provides an opportunity to ask questions about feeding your baby and to learn more about your child’s growth and development. Please join us Wednesdays, at 10 AM, at 1230 Marsh Street,...


Mission Statement: Teen parents, those who are pregnant, and expectant teen fathers can receive one-to-one parenting support and assistance through the Teen Academic Parenting Program. Teen Academic Parenting Program (TAPP) promotes the well being of pregnant &...

Parent Connection is a primary prevention resource housed at Center for Family Strengthening, a non-profit organization dedicated to building strong families and the prevention of child abuse and neglect.  Funding for Parent Connection is provided by the County of San Luis Obispo through the Mental Health Services Act and in collaboration with the County of Behavioral Health Department. 

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Parent Connection of San Luis Obispo delivers a monthly newsletter with up-to-date information about family-friendly community events, parenting classes, parent education, and parent coaching.

For parents, parent educators and family serving professionals.