San Luis Obispo Classes

Parent Connection Sponsored classes

Love & Logic
Tim Ross
Wed, 9/5-10/10 (6 nights) 6:00-8:00p Del Mar Elementary School Library $25
Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows them to live with the consequences of their
choices. Learn the Love and Logic process of building relationships with discipline. Childcare – see below.*


Compassionate Communication
Rick London
Thur, 9/20-10/25 (6 nights) 6:00-8:00p CL Smith Elementary School Library $25
An opportunity to become more aware of the thoughts, words and behaviors that disconnect us from ourselves and each other, by increasing our understanding of a communication process that is founded on heart to heart connection. Begin to get clearer about healthier social emotional behaviors, while learning about behaviors that require mindfulness to become examples for our children. Childcare – see below.*


Teaching Empathy to Our Kids
Eileen Calandro
Wed, 9/26 6:30-8:30p Laguna Middle School Library $5
The use of social media causes a decrease in the capacity for empathy, causing social disconnection. Learn how to help your kids strengthen their empathy with knowledge and age appropriate activities.


Active Parenting 1, 2 & 3 Year Olds
Julie Ashworth
Wed, 10/3-10/24 (4 nights) 5:30-7:30p SLO Adult School Rm.B3 $15
Learn skills that help develop cooperation, responsibility and good character in your children. Explore positive discipline techniques to avoid those all-too-familiar power struggles. Childcare – see below.*


Disciplina Positiva – Positive Discipline in Spanish
Bessy Hoffman
Thur, 10/25-11/15 (4 nights) 6:00-8:00p Pacheco Elementary School Rm.6 No Charge
In this class parents will learn tools to improve communication and solve problems with your children/teenagers, and much more. Childcare provided.*
En esta clase, los padres aprenderán herramientas para mejorar la comunicación y resolver problemas con sus hijos / adolescentes, y mucho más. Cuidado de niños provisto.


Parenting Sober Support Group
Cindy DuSair
Sat, 9/1-12/1 10:30a-12:00p Build Your Nest, 6613-B Bay Laurel Dr., Avila Beach No Charge
Wed, 9/19-12/12 5:30-7:00p Build Your Nest, 6613-B Bay Laurel Dr., Avila Beach No Charge
For parents at any stage of recovery who want to get a grip on parenting and stay sober in the process! Group aligns parenting foundation principles with 12-step principles. For information call (805) 550-5865.
*Childcare is provided for a nominal fee although parents are strongly encouraged to provide their own.


Call the Adult School office at (805) 549-1222 to register your child(ren).



The Parent Participation Program enhances parenting skills through classroom discussion, interaction, and observation. Parent and child (age 0-6) attend class once a week. Curriculum includes teacher-led discussions on parenting techniques and strategies for creating a healthy family environment. Parents share their challenges and successes while children enjoy age-appropriate play indoors and outdoors, circle time, and songs. Interacting with other parents and children while participating in the classroom environment gives parents a greater understanding of the needs and abilities of their children.

Parent participation instructors hold California teaching credentials.

Please visit for a complete list of parenting classes and online registration.


  • Infants
  • Cookin’ & Bookin’
  • Young Ones & Young Toddlers
  • Fizzle Pop 1-2-3
  • Older Toddlers
  • Kids in the Garden
  • Two and Three Year Olds
  • Strolling to Fitness
  • Preschoolers
  • Tiny Hikers

Dates: A year-round program. Families may join a class at any time on a space available basis.
Times: Morning and afternoon, times vary.
Locations: Classes available in San Luis Obispo, Los Osos and Morro Bay.
Tuition: Classes run for 10 weeks and price ranges from $67-$90. Scholarships are available for families in need.
Eligibility Requirements: Parents, grandparents or caretakers in a parenting role attend with the child age 0-6.
Contact: San Luis Coastal Adult School, 1500 Lizzie Street, Room H2, SLO, (805) 549-1222.
Register: online Click Here, over the phone or in person.


Mondays 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Parenting classes are held at: Build Your Nest Coaching + Design Studio
6613-B Bay Laurel Drive, Avila Beach (next to Woodstone Marketplace)
Facilitator: Cindy DuSair, CPC, ELI-MP, Certified Professional Coach & Positive Discipline Parent Educator
To Register: or call: 805.550.5865
More info about our classes, workshops and coaching:;
nest . nurture . grow . thrive









Conversations to Help Navigate Parenting
with Michele Gordon Johnson – Parent Educator/Coach

Parent Coaching and Parent Journaling Groups: Support for parents starting out on their parenting journey and for anyone encountering bumps in the road and blind curves along the way. Coaching sessions move through a series of fundamental parenting conversations, with journaling activities to foster greater self-awareness and new ways of thinking about parenting challenges. Parents are encouraged to create a unique parenting map – a plan that supports the positive qualities we want for our children and the life skills they need, with better ways to match our parenting behaviors with our intentions. The coaching process invites parents to make small, sustainable changes that recognize the needs of the entire family and bring more ease, calm, and pleasure to parenting.
Parents will use the parenting journal Are We There Yet? Conversations to Navigate Parenting.

Contact Michele at
805.441.7438 (text or call)


The CAPSLO Parent Education Program provides the opportunity for parents who are referred to the program (through DSS) to learn better ideas, to hear suggestions and generate solutions in becoming an Active Parent, through in-home parent education. Parent Educators have been trained in the Active Parenting, Positive Discipline and Nurturing Families curriculum.
CONTACT: If you are a parent with a CWS social worker or a CalWORKS worker, please contact Melinda Sokolowski at (805) 544-4355/extension 216.
For Spanish-speaking assistance, please call (805) 474-2024.


Foster and Kinship Care Education is supported by state categorical funding, SLOCCCD offers workshops that provide licensing and continuing education for foster families and relative caregivers

DATES: Ongoing parenting classes for Foster Parents
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Priority will be given to Foster or Adoptive Parents and Kinship Caregivers
CONTACT: Call Mimi Feliciano-Hix (805) 546-3156 for the class schedule and reservations.

Visit their FaceBook page for recent information: HERE

Ongoing resource training calendar for December 2018: Found Here


Family Law Facilitator, Self-Help Center: To receive help with custody issues, child support calculations, visitation modifications, and other related services, call (805) 788-3418.
Walk-In Services available Monday-Thursday, 8:30-11:30, at the courthouse in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles.

Parenting After Separation-Free Online Course
Parenting After Separation is a class which addresses the needs of children whose parents maintain separate households. The class also provides information about the mediation process and the “how to” of maintaining an ongoing co-parental relationship. The class is online and self paced. This program satisfies the Court’s requirements for parent education prior to receiving final orders. When you complete the class after registering online, you will be immediately emailed a certificate of completion. Simply file this certificate with the court in San Luis Obispo at 1035 Palm Street, Rm 385 or at the Paso Robles Branch at 901 Park Street. The class can be accessed through the following link:

Child Support Services Department
To establish, modify, or enforce orders regarding child support and health insurance.
Where: 1200 Monterey St, SLO
(805) 781-5734
Walk-in hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Phone hours: Mon-Fri 1pm-4pm

Free Spanish Language Parenting Class
Registro:  Llame a la oficina de antemano a los Servicios de la Corte de Relaciones Familiares para registrarse y obtener informacion, al numero 781-5423.  Debe tener disponible el numero del caso civil o del divorcio para darselo al secretario.  Clases en espanol son ofrecidas, y son citadas de acuerdo con los registrados.
Costo: gratis
* Este programa satisface los requisitos del programa de educacion antes de que se le otorga las ordenes judiciales para finalizar el caso.

Family Court Services
1120 Mill St. Suite A-1
San Luis Obispo

Family Court parenting classes are designed for families who have a court case number. For more information: call (805) 781-5423 for Family Court Services


French Hospital offers the following classes, in English and Spanish: Babies 101 (the basics of caring for your new baby), Infant CPR, Toddler First Aid, Breastfeeding, Siblings, Prepared Childbirth and car seat information.
DATES/TIMES: call for specific dates & times
LOCATION: French Hospital Auditorium, San Luis Obispo
CONTACT: You must pre-register for all classes. Contact the Parent Education Coordinator at (805) 542-6659 for specific course offerings

 Click Here for a list of classes.


Tears, Tantrums & Trauma …respond intentionally to promote healing, cooperation & closeness

A child’s behavior is a form of communication.  Every day emotional stress or traumatic experiences can affect the thinking part of the child’s brain; causing challenging behavior.  Brain science has proven the importance of supporting your child’s emotional release, (tears and tantrums) to promote cooperation, emotional health, higher intelligence and closer connections.

Ages infant to 10 years, 1½ hour workshop, $20 Bring a friend and both get $10 off.

Tears Tantrums Flyer

Raise Successful, Happy Kids w/o Punishments, Time-Outs or Consequences!

The follow-up class to “Tears & Tantrums” (above) is a series of 4 weekly classes for parents of children ages 1 to 10 years.  Learn transformative parenting tools (and more) that will give you the confidence and skills needed to support your child in growing to their fullest potential!

Early registration $245, regular $295, couples discount, materials optional.

Raise Successful Happy Kids w/o Punishment Flyer

Aware Parent Tween & Teen Class

A Totally Different Way to Parent & Empower Your Tween & Teen!

Learn connection tools to keep the relationship with your teen; or to get it back, plus more…

A series of 3 weekly tele-classes $175, couples discount, Materials Included, Ages 10 to 24 years

Teen Class Flyer

Classes in SLO, Arroyo Grande and by Tele-Class
Private Coaching Sessions are available; Learn tools to resolve the challenge at-hand, and to create more cooperation and deepen your family connections.

Julie Nevison, Certified Parenting Educator & Coach, Aware Life Coach, Healing Arts Practitioner, Nutrition Consultant.
(805) 929-3049 / (805) 630-6281


Join our small group of women & teen-age daughters to:

  • support and connect with other mothers
  • nurture and strengthen the mother-daughter relationship
  • help daughters thrive as girls and young women
  • welcome them into a community of women

When: TBA
Where: San Luis Obispo (location provided upon registration)
Time: TBA
Price: $400 for mother-daughter (scholarships possibly available)
Please call Elizabeth at (805) 316-4567 for more information

Online Parenting Classes

If you are mandated to complete a parenting class, verify approval of an online class (rather than a traditional class) with the  mandating agency. Each state, county, and individual judge may dictate different requirements. If you are court ordered to take a co-parenting class, it is always best to check with your county court of record to verify their acceptance of an online parenting class. 
Each state, county, and individual judge may dictate different requirements. 

Enjoy the opportunity to complete a parenting course at your leisure – anytime, day or night!
Certificates of Completion are provided after the class is finished.
Visit The Parenting Center for a list of current classes.
Visit for a list of current classes.


Offering workshops, study groups & consultations for parents and educators to cultivate healthy, balanced children. 

Lea’s Approach:
Mindful Parenting: Discover how to cultivate more patience when dealing with your children during challenging moments of your day. Learn how to become a more effective and connected parent.
Social & Emotional Intelligence: Learn simple brain-based tools to help children learn to handle emotions so that they are more considerate, balanced and healthy and create flourishing relationships with others.
Brain-Based Teaching: Implement practical, brain-based strategies for enhancing social and emotional learning skills that have been proven to help reduce children’s stress, improve academic performance and strengthen concentration abilities.
Harmonic Relationships: Explore how to incorporate practical, brain-based strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind and create harmony in your family life.
Healthy, Balanced Child: Integrate the most recent scientific findings into your parenting approach to help you raise children who become compassionate, responsible, creative and healthy young adults.
Listening & Guidance: Gain one-on-one support as you discover your own way to incorporate these ideas and strategies into your unique family culture.
Contact: Lea Payne Scott, M.P.H, Social & Behavioral Health Educator, at 805-594-1618

Listen to Lea on Central Coast Voices:


Parenting class offered by CWS for those who have had CWS involvement. Probation and court-referred parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. The eight-class series will focus on identifying challenging behaviors in both infants & children and how you can effectively parent children with behavioral issues. Parents may start attending at any point in the 6-session series; attendance does not need to start with Session #1. Classes will focus on: nurturing a strong bond between you & your infant, how to comfort a low-threshold infant, helping your school-age child succeed, and effective & positive discipline.
DATES AND TIMES: Ongoing classes (weekdays and evenings), see flyer for specific dates and times
COST: FREE and childcare is provided
Certificates at the completion of the course.
Reservations required. Call Lynn Juel at 805-781-1705 with your name, phone number and who will be attending.


Tiny Tunes Music and Movement

Tiny Tunes is a new Music & Movement program for toddlers and preschoolers. Each monthly session is themed. The sessions will include developmentally appropriate activities based on Music Psychology and Child Development. Songs have been carefully selected or written on topics such as gratitude, empathy, and community. Parent participation is vital to this program, and many of the movements will involve interaction between parent and child.

Time: Thursdays at 10:15am

Cost: $60/class. Registration includes attendance for one parent and child per class. An additional child or parent may be added.

Location: Music Motive – 3440 S. Higuera St. #130, San Luis Obispo

Web link:

Contact: Lauren Vukicevich 805-543-0377