As a leader in psychiatric care, Vista del Mar Hospital is committed to providing safe and secure psychiatric inpatient care for adolescents (ages 12 to 17 years of age). During this time, some adolescents experience disabling symptoms such as:
Depression and Hopelessness
Self-Injury or Suicidal Behavior
Rebellion, Defiance or Aggression
Alcohol and/or Substance Abuse

The purpose of Vista del Mar Hospital’s Adolescent Inpatient Unit is stabilization and safety. The treatment team’s goal is to stabilize and deal with the crisis by reducing the symptoms to help adolescents develop more appropriate coping and social skills. Vista del Mar Hospital serves the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

For more information or to speak with someone in our assessment and referral department, please call (805) 653-6434 or click Here for more information.


Youth Mental Help

The Youth Mental Health Services Division of the Behavioral Health Department provides a range of services for children and youth affected by mental illness, trauma, and environmental stress. These services include individual and family therapy, rehabilitation, case management, and psychiatric care.

Services assist children and youth in the recovery and discovery processes, helping them to achieve their highest quality of life by providing culturally competent, strength-based, and client- and family-centered strategies that utilize best practices.

Our goal is to instill hope and optimism, assisting children and families to develop mastery over their own lives, and helping them to thrive in their homes, schools, and communities.

For prevention and youth substance use treatment information, please visit the Behavioral Health Department’s Prevention & Outreach Division

For more information please contact:
Community Counseling Center
1129 Marsh Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 543-7969
Fax: (805) 543-0859

See Here for more information.



An outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, designed for youth ages 12-18 and their families, is available through SLO Drug and Alcohol Services. In the Youth and Family Program, families can participate in 4- 6 hours of treatment per week; this  includes: group counseling, family counseling, drug education, parenting education, and multi-family sessions. Evening hours are available.

Please call for an assessment appointment.
Atascadero Center
3556 El Camino Real, Atascadero
(805) 461-6080
Grover Beach Center
1523 Longbranch Avenue, Grover Beach
(805) 473-7080
San Luis Obispo Center
2180 Johnson Avenue, San Luis Obispo
(805) 781-4275

Please contact our access line at 1 (800) 838-1381 for information or to schedule an appointment. All services are available in Spanish.


The DrugRehab.com mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery.
There is nothing more important than a child’s well-being. Knowing the extent of the drug problem in our society, any parent naturally tries to protect their child from the destruction drugs can cause them physically, mentally and emotionally. We provide factual information to assist in changing the mindset and understanding about drug abuse, addition and recovery.

Resources for teens can be found here: https://www.drugrehab.com/teens/treatment/

Parents looking for more information on how to help their child please visit: https://www.drugrehab.com/guides/parents/


FNL is a place for young people to come together and make positive changes in their schools and communities. SLO County has FNL chapters at almost every high school and middle school across the county. FNL members meet regularly as a chapter at school, with an adult advisor, to plan activities that create awareness and change around alcohol, tobacco, other drug and violence issues affecting the youth of San Luis Obispo County. Friday Night Live membership is open at participating high schools and middle schools to anyone who is interested and who commits to a healthy lifestyle free from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through annual FNL youth trainings, leadership conferences and school wide youth issues conferences. FNL youth plan school and countywide events for all students to attend as positive, fun alternatives to potentially unsafe activities. Movie nights, beach clean-ups, dodgeball tournaments, Winter Socials, 24-Hour Relay Challenges and the Countywide Mock Rock are a few examples of activities that happen in FNL.

Please contact our main line at (805) 781-4289 for further information.

K.E.Y.S. Program

K.E.Y.S. (Keeping Every Youth Sober) is a youth support class providing education in the area of substance abuse, causes, effects and consequences

Offered through Lifestyles Recovery Center this group welcomes teens ages 13 to 17.

When: Tuesdays at 4pm
Where: 715 24th Street, Suite P, Paso Robles

The tuition starts at $60.00 for up to twelve sessions. The Paso Robles Unified School District will assist with the tuition cost for students at Flamson Middle School, Paso Robles High School, and Chalk Mountain. This is an excellent opportunity for our youth to receive professional teaching along with the quality material.

If you have potential students please call:
Karolyn London (805) 238-2290 or (805) 286-6331.

K.E.Y.S. Flyer

Kari Whitson-Wilson – Teen groups

Kari Whitson-Wilson is a Marriage and Family Therapistunnamed (1) 

(805) 762-4838

Group sessions are 90 minutes in length and cost $25 per group with a maximum of 6-8 participants per group.


*Coping and Support Training (Roots) Group

This group is designed for developing healthy self-esteem, coping skills and a support network with the goals of improving school performance, decreasing involvement with drugs, and developing management of moods, such as anger and depression. (12 sessions; two groups are available, ages 14-17 and ages 16-19)

*Anxiety and Stress Management (Calming) Group

This group utilizes cognitive-behavioral treatment and mindfulness training to increase awareness of one’s bodily reactions to anxiety and negative thinking patterns, as well as on developing new reactions to anxiety through problem-solving and healthy coping skills. (12 sessions; two groups are available, ages 11-13 and ages 14-17)

*Breath and Mindfulness Group

This group is intended to improve one’s ability to observe their own thoughts and emotions without immediately reacting to them; cultivate wholesome emotions like gratitude and compassion; and expand the repertoire of stress management skills. (6 sessions; three groups are available, ages 11-13, ages 14-17 and ages 16-19)

Additional information about the groups is available at: www.rootsfamilytherapy.com.



Olive Grove Charter School

An alternative education option with a learning center in San Luis Obispo.

Olive Grove Charter School, a free-tuition, public education program for families wanting to enroll their students in home or independent study programs with parents as the primary instructors, has opened a branch at 733 Marsh St., Suite 210, San Luis Obispo.

The school offers a standard state curriculum to students in grades K-12 with a transitional kindergarten program as well. Enrollment occurs throughout the year.

Find contact information and learn more here.


Parents and teens, do you disagree over curfew, friends, music, schoolwork, family responsibilities or expectations? Are you a teen who wishes your parents understood your choices? Are you a parent who wants respect from your teenager? Mediation can help!
We’ve all experienced disagreements between family members. But when our communication breaks down and we just get stuck, there is a way to get through it all. Creative Mediation makes it easier for people to move from conflict to resoulution.
Creative Mediation, a local non-profit organization, offers a Parent-Teen mediation service that is available at a nomimal cost. Mediators are neutral facilitators who help both parents and teens understand each other’s point of view and work towards mutually agreeable solutions.
If you are feeling the pain of conflict, mediation is a way to begin positive change. For more information about the program or to schedule a mediation session, contact:
Samantha Watkins, Program Director at Creative Mediation
285 South Street, Suite J
San Luis Obispo
(805) 549-0442

RX Dangers

The purpose of RX Dangers is to educate the American public on current pharmaceutical drugs and devices commonly being used within the United States. While prescription painkillers and other drugs are being abused by addicts, other life-saving drugs, and devices that the general public has presumed safe are causing just as much harm to people’s health and even death in some cases.

Visit http://www.rxdangers.com for drug and safety news alerts. The website is continually being updated with FDA Recalls, and the goal is to spread awareness, creating a safer environment for all consumers.


The SAP is a partnership between San Luis Obispo County, several local schools, and The LINK. It aims to identify troubled students so they can receive the helping services they need through a team approach. The SAP Coordinator and Family Advocate at a school site help students who are dealing with a variety of personal problems, including those related to a conflict with others, depression, anxiety, grief, recent life changes, alcohol, and drug use. SAP can help if you are concerned about your child’s reaction to the recent death of a loved one, divorce, family relocation, relationship problems, bullying or other traumatic events.

The SAP can provide individual and group counseling, student and family referrals to a variety of community resources, life skills training, interventions for at-risk behaviors, education through community and social service agencies, violence prevention strategies, and skills in decision-making and conflict resolution.

SAP services are available free of charge at the following school sites:
Flamson Middle School
Atascadero Junior High School
Santa Lucia Middle School
Los Osos Middle School
Judkins Middle School
Mesa Middle School

Please contact (805) 781-4289 for further information.

For more general information regarding SAP in California click Here.


Mission Statement: Teen parents, those who are pregnant, and expectant teen fathers can receive one-to-one parenting support and assistance through the Teen Academic Parenting Program.

Teen Academic Parenting Program (TAPP) promotes the well being of pregnant & parenting teens and their children in San Luis Obispo County. This is accomplished through advocacy, encouraging self-sufficiency and goal setting. Skilled professionals assess the teen’s needs and coordinate community services and resources with emphasis in the areas in services stated below. The program is voluntary and there is no cost.


  • Support to complete high school education
  • Life planning and goal setting
  • Assistance to access prenatal, pediatric & family planning healthcare
  • Child development & parenting education
  • Independent living skills
  • Referrals to appropriate community resource

Visit HERE for more information.

Please call (805) 779-0340 for information on how to enroll.

Address: 1030 Southwood Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401



Planned Parenthood is one of the nation’s leading providers of high-quality, affordable health care, and the nation’s largest provider of sex education. Healthcare available to those with or without insurance.

Accommodates both English & Spanish; Interpretation by telephone available for other languages.

Hours~ Mon: 9AM-6PM & Tues 11 AM-8PM & Wed-Sat: 8 AM-5PM & Sun: closed

Services: Abortion, Birth Control, HIV testing, LGBT Services, Men’s Health Care Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception), Pregnancy Testing & Services, STD Testing + Treatment & Vaccines, Women’s Health Care

Click HERE for more information

743 Pismo Street, SLO

Call Planned Parenthoods general number at 888-898-3806 to book an appointment or chat with health center staff about questions you may have.


T.H.E. Center Clinics for Health & Prevention  provide free reproductive health services and education for teens, with confidential teen-only clinics. Designed for teens by teens with a fully-trained teen staff.
San Luis Obispo Clinic
705 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo
Phone: (805) 544-2478
Regular Clinic hours: Mon-Fri 9am– 5pm
Teen-Only Hours: Mon & Thurs 3pm-6pm
Arroyo Grande Clinic
1152 East Grand Avenue
Arroyo Grande
Phone: (805) 489-4026
Regular Clinic hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Teen-Only Hours: Tues 3pm-6pm, Fri 3pm-5:30pm
Link to webpage: The Center for Health and Prevention

Information on talking with your teen about sex:
Conversation Starter and Parent Resources Card
Parent Resources Brochure
Conversation Starter and Parent Resources Card-Spanish
Parent Resources Brochure-Spanish


NPR-Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction Prone, and Should Protect Their Brains: Research into how the human brain develops helps explain why teens have trouble controlling impulses. To listen click here.

Talking with teens about sex:
Parent Resources Brochure
Parent Resources Brochure-Spanish

Click here for the video clip: Stuck in Endless Adolescence, with authors Joseph Allen and Claudia Worrell Allen (Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old)