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America’s Job Center of California services SLO County with free services to assess your skills, match you with job opportunities within the communities and give you tools & resources to help you be successful in job search and career training.

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Staples Hiring Event

Staples is having a hiring event for all SLO County store locations at the  San Luis Obispo store on 2950 Broad St. this Wednesday, February 13 starting 10 am – 3 pm.  All job candidates may apply online first at then bring resume and dressed for interview to the hiring event.

Online assistance available at the America’s Job Center M-F 8 am – 4:30 pm

Positions available include:

  • For General Manager: High School diploma or equivalent and on year progressively responsible store management experience in a retail environment as a General or Store Manager
  • For Retail Sales Manager: High school diploma or GED and 3-5 years leading a sales team in a retail or service environment
  • For Technology Sales Associate: Sales and customer service experience in a retail environment
  • For Print & Marketing Associate: Previous experience working in a customer service environment and basic computer skills
  • For Sales Associate: Able to engage and speak to customers as well as work a flexible schedule

Rolando Rojas

Rolando Rojas has over 25 years of experience as a bilingual prevention and outreach family educator.  Rolando has worked with many agencies; SLO County Drug & Alcohol, Behavioral Health Agency, Transitional Mental Health Agency, SLO County Youth Probation, and has a lot of connections with agencies in the South County of San Luis Obispo.  Rolando has many certifications in drug and alcohol prevention, family strengthening, and mentoring education practices.  He is certified through Active Parenting, Father Involvement, Positive Discipline, Social Model Recovery System, Strengthening Family Program, Crisis Intervention, Substance Abuse Prevention, and Cultural Competency in Assessment and Service Delivery.   Rolando is a parent of two adult children, this has allowed him to put into practice different parenting strategies from the different things he learned through his various training and certifications.  His passion to help families derives from seeing families reunite with each other through learning, new and effective methods of communication and practices that make a difference in the families lives.  Rolando has effective communication and ability to motivate students and parents to better themselves.  He is sensitive to different needs and is understanding of different circumstances and issues that families go through.  Rolando is respected and trusted by not only professionals in the SLO County but families in SLO County.

When Rolando is not Coaching families he is working outside in the sun, enjoying the beaches and sunsets on the Central Coast.  Rolando believes every person has a special purpose and place on this Earth.

To schedule a Parent Coaching session call 805-543-3700.

Rolando Rojas tiene más de 25 años de experiencia como educador familiar bilingüe de prevención y extensión. Rolando ha trabajado con muchas agencias; Condado de San Luis Obispo de Drogas y Alcohol, Agencia de Salud Conductual, Agencia de Salud Mental Transicional, Libertad Condicional Juvenil del Condado de SLO, y tiene muchas conexiones con agencias en el Condado Sur de San Luis Obispo. Rolando tiene muchas certificaciones en prevención de drogas y alcohol, fortalecimiento familiar y prácticas educativas de tutoría. Está certificado a través de Crianza Activa, Participación del Padre, Disciplina Positiva, Sistema de Recuperación del Modelo Social, Programa de Fortalecimiento Familiar, Intervención en Crisis, Prevención del Abuso de Sustancias y Competencia Cultural en Evaluación y Entrega de Servicios. Rolando es padre de dos hijos jóvenes, esto le ha permitido poner en práctica diferentes estrategias de crianza de niños de entre las diferentes cosas que aprendió a través de sus diversos entrenamientos y certificaciones. Su pasión por ayudar a las familias se deriva de ver a las familias reunirse entre sí a través del aprendizaje, nuevos y efectivos métodos de comunicación y prácticas que marcan la diferencia en la vida de las familias. Rolando tiene una comunicación efectiva y la capacidad de motivar a los estudiantes y padres a superarse por si mismos. Él es sensible a las diferentes necesidades y entiende las diferentes circunstancias y problemas que tienen las familias. Rolando es respetado y de confianza no solo por los profesionales en el condado de SLO, sino también por las familias en el condado de SLO.

Cuando Rolando no está entrenando familias, él está trabajando afuera en el sol, disfrutando de las playas y puestas de sol en la costa central. Rolando cree que cada persona tiene un propósito especial y un lugar en este mundo.

Para programar una sesión de Coaching para padres, llame al 805-543-3700.