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Coast Allied Health Consulting and Education is committed to bringing the finest speakers and courses in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy to parents in San Luis Obispo County. For a current list of parenting classes, please visit

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Strategies 2.0 Learning Communities

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Who should attend? Professionals from social service, health, mental health, child care, child welfare, housing, veterans service, education, family resource centers, law enforcement, and other helping agencies.

Advocates, parents, & community members who want to learn and make a difference for children and families in their region.


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Strategies 2.0 Professional Trainings

Trauma-Informed Care imageTrauma-Informed Care
This full-day training is intended for family strengthening professionals that work with children and families who may have experienced trauma. By the end of the day, participants will be able to define the types of trauma, describe the impact of trauma on children, adults, and family support staff, and identify strategies for responding to trauma and resisting re-traumatization.
Register for Trauma-Informed Care trainings on: 11/29, or 11/30.

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Surviving the most grueling years of parenting – for teens and parents

Although toddlers can be physically demanding and emotionally frustrating – the years spent raising teens can bring us to our knees. But time with our teens can often be engaging, enlightening and fulfilling. Tune in for a conversation about balancing the joys and sorrows of raising teens with Parent Educators, Michele Gordon Johnson and Bill Spencer. Listen to the show