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Seneca Family Of Agencies- Family Ties Kin Caregiver Support Groups

Are you caring for another relative’s child? Then join us at a Family Ties Support Group!! These groups offer a great opportunity to meet other kin caregivers, share ideas, and learn about the special needs and concerns that many kin caregivers share.

CAMBRIA: Fourth Tuesday every month, 6:00-8:00p.m.

Cambria Connection, 1069 Main Street, Suite A&B, Cambria

Family Ties also offers Support groups in Atascadero, and Arroyo Grande – call 805-434-2449 for more information.

DINNER: The dinner is catered. We ask for a $5.00 per person (but no more than $10.00)

COST: Free, including supervised recreation for children.

Kin Caregiver must live in SLO County and child’s primary residence is with the relative caregiver. Family Ties is a free, voluntary program.

RSVP a must (let us know how many & ages before noon, on or before the day of the support group)!

RSVP’s can be made to Caroline Boddington, Marta Nielsen, or Lizzy Dembosz:

Caroline Boddington:  : 805.434.2449

Marta Nielsen:, 805-286-7487

Lizzy Dembosz:, 805-459-4904

OTHER FREE FAMILY TIES SERVICES: legal assistance, parent education, case management, recreational events, referral and information, and counseling – Call (805) 434-2449 


Parent Connection Sponsored Classes

Curious Parent Forum-

The Curious Parent Forum is a one hour forum that provides parents the opportunity to get answers to questions they may be curious about. Parenting is far from easy and often times there is so much information at our fingertips that it can be confusing and overwhelming. The C.P.F. allows parents the opportunity to ask local experts direct questions about relevant parenting topics. Come join us at the local Arroyo Grande Library for this month’s guest expert!

For more information call: Rubi Cuevas 805-474-3000 ext. 1229

For more information click here. Flyer.

Raising Bright, Kind, Courageous & Strong Children with Dramatic Play: Pyjama Drama Training for Parents.
Sarah Rijnen-Director, Pyjama Drama Learning

Learn the value of interactive play in your child’s growth and development. Explore ways you can foster your child’s imagination and foster their love for playtime.

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 – 11 am to 12 pm
Arroyo Grande Public Library
800 W. Branch St.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

For more information click here. Flyer.

Oral Health
Barbara Morrow, Registered Dental Hygienist

Do you have questions about your child’s oral hygiene or other dental issues such as thumb sucking, flossing, gum care, tooth grinding, or bad breath? Come to our Curious Parent Forum covering the topic of pediatric oral health care!

Saturday, April 27th, 2019 – 11 am to 12 pm
Arroyo Grande Public Library
800 W. Branch St.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

For more information click here: Flier

Why Reading Matters and How to Get Your Kid to Love It
Margaret Kensinger-Klopfer, MLIS, Coordinating Librarian Youth Services, County Libraries

Learn how reading and literacy positively impacts your child’s development. Explore ways to engage your child in reading and foster a love for story time!

Saturday, May 25th, 2019 – 11am – 12pm
Arroyo Grande Public Library
800 W. Branch St.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

For more information click here. Flyer.

Repairing The Ruptures of Trauma: Empowering Caregivers
Betty Gillespie, Behavioral Health Clinician 

Thursday:  April 11th
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Grover Heights Elementary

For more information call: Rubi Cuevas at 805-474-3000 ext 1229

Trauma Focused Support Group

Jackie Llmas, MA


Many parents or caregivers have experienced trauma in their own childhood or their adult life. This can impact their parenting and their relationships with their children. This group is for parents or caregivers, who are impacted by trauma in any way. This group will give them an opportunity to find support within their own community from those who are experiencing similar challenges in their life. Engaging in a support group can help parents and caregiver to not feel so alone and open them up to new strategies for coping and parenting.

April 2nd, 2019- 6-8 PM
June 4th, 2019- 6-8 PM
Nipomo Elementary

(Forum Held in Room 14, Childcare held in Room 15)

Please arrive at 5:45 to enjoy dinner, group will start at 6.

For registration, please call SAFE Nipomo Family Advocate-
Karina Ayala at: 805-474-2033 or send email to:
**Childcare & food free of cost**

Click here for more information. Flyer.

Grupo de apoyo para Padres y cuidadores centrados en trauma

Jackie LLamas, MA

Muchos padres o cuidadores han experimentado traumas en su propia infancia o en su vida adulta. Esto puede afectar su crianza y su relación con sus hijos. Este grupo es para padres o cuidadores, quienes se ven afectados por el trauma de cualquier manera. El grupo les dará la oportunidad de encontrar apoyo dentro de su propia comunidad de aquellos que experimentan desafíos similares en sus vidas. Participar en un grupo de apoyo puede ayudar a los padres y cuidadores a no sentirse tan solos y ver nuevas estrategias de crianza.

El 2 de abril, 2019, 6-8 PM
El 4 de junio, 2019, 6-8 PM

Nipomo Elementary
(Foro celebrado en la habitación 14, guardería en la habitación 15)
▪ Por favor, llegar a las 5:45pm para disfrutar de la cena antes del comienzo del grupo.
▪ El grupo comenzara puntualmente a las 6:00pm.

Para el registro, llame a SAFE Ayudante de Familias de Nipomo-
Karina Ayala a 805-474-2033 o envié in correo electrónico a
**Cuidado de niños y cena ligera**

For more information click here. Flyer.

Ron Huxley

Ron Huxley has been working to help families heal since 1990. Ron believes in taking a strength-based approach that builds on solutions. He believes that the “person is not the problem, the problem is the problem” and he creates strategies that fit each family situation in the shortest time necessary.  Ron has spoken to parents about the importance of having a trauma-informed home or organization in every conceivable setting, from a Women’s Prison to Parent/Teacher Conferences to Corporate Board Rooms. Ron has many published articles and television appearances.  Ron has been trained in many different parent education curriculum including; Incredible Years Parenting Certification, Family Wellness Instructor Training, S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) Trainer, Love and Logic Parenting Training, Work/Family Directions Facilitator/Corporate Coach.  He is also certified in many specialized clinical expertise including; “Love After Marriage” Couples Coaching and many more.

To have a Parent Coaching session please call 805-543-3700.


Rolando Rojas

Rolando Rojas has over 25 years of experience as a bilingual prevention and outreach family educator.  Rolando has worked with many agencies; SLO County Drug & Alcohol, Behavioral Health Agency, Transitional Mental Health Agency, SLO County Youth Probation, and has a lot of connections with agencies in the South County of San Luis Obispo.  Rolando has many certifications in drug and alcohol prevention, family strengthening, and mentoring education practices.  He is certified through Active Parenting, Father Involvement, Positive Discipline, Social Model Recovery System, Strengthening Family Program, Crisis Intervention, Substance Abuse Prevention, and Cultural Competency in Assessment and Service Delivery.   Rolando is a parent of two adult children, this has allowed him to put into practice different parenting strategies from the different things he learned through his various training and certifications.  His passion to help families derives from seeing families reunite with each other through learning, new and effective methods of communication and practices that make a difference in the families lives.  Rolando has effective communication and ability to motivate students and parents to better themselves.  He is sensitive to different needs and is understanding of different circumstances and issues that families go through.  Rolando is respected and trusted by not only professionals in the SLO County but families in SLO County.

When Rolando is not Coaching families he is working outside in the sun, enjoying the beaches and sunsets on the Central Coast.  Rolando believes every person has a special purpose and place on this Earth.

To schedule a Parent Coaching session call 805-543-3700.

Rolando Rojas tiene más de 25 años de experiencia como educador familiar bilingüe de prevención y extensión. Rolando ha trabajado con muchas agencias; Condado de San Luis Obispo de Drogas y Alcohol, Agencia de Salud Conductual, Agencia de Salud Mental Transicional, Libertad Condicional Juvenil del Condado de SLO, y tiene muchas conexiones con agencias en el Condado Sur de San Luis Obispo. Rolando tiene muchas certificaciones en prevención de drogas y alcohol, fortalecimiento familiar y prácticas educativas de tutoría. Está certificado a través de Crianza Activa, Participación del Padre, Disciplina Positiva, Sistema de Recuperación del Modelo Social, Programa de Fortalecimiento Familiar, Intervención en Crisis, Prevención del Abuso de Sustancias y Competencia Cultural en Evaluación y Entrega de Servicios. Rolando es padre de dos hijos jóvenes, esto le ha permitido poner en práctica diferentes estrategias de crianza de niños de entre las diferentes cosas que aprendió a través de sus diversos entrenamientos y certificaciones. Su pasión por ayudar a las familias se deriva de ver a las familias reunirse entre sí a través del aprendizaje, nuevos y efectivos métodos de comunicación y prácticas que marcan la diferencia en la vida de las familias. Rolando tiene una comunicación efectiva y la capacidad de motivar a los estudiantes y padres a superarse por si mismos. Él es sensible a las diferentes necesidades y entiende las diferentes circunstancias y problemas que tienen las familias. Rolando es respetado y de confianza no solo por los profesionales en el condado de SLO, sino también por las familias en el condado de SLO.

Cuando Rolando no está entrenando familias, él está trabajando afuera en el sol, disfrutando de las playas y puestas de sol en la costa central. Rolando cree que cada persona tiene un propósito especial y un lugar en este mundo.

Para programar una sesión de Coaching para padres, llame al 805-543-3700.